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Survive A Shooting is a book that is unfortunately needed in the world we live in. It’s sad, but the world can be dangerous at times. However, we don’t have to live in fear or be a victim. There are options for people who find themselves in such a terrible event. Survive A Shooting is a great resource that educates readers on the history of mass killings, defines characteristics of active shooters, explains how to form a threat assessment, details how to work through stress and terror, how to react and survive in case of an active shooting, the process of developing a plan, and several other topics that can help you if you find yourself in the middle of the next mass shooting. The book eliminates paranoia, fear, and anxiety and replaces all these with preparedness.

Survive a Shooting Book Review

The book is based on a methodology of Escape, Deny, and Attack Back. It’s written as a guide on how and when to Escape safely. If you can’t escape, you learn how to Deny the shooter access to you and how to successfully work as a team or alone if need be. If Escape and Deny don’t work, you can choose to Attack Back to bring the shooter down as explained by the book. This methodology is being taught in big businesses, schools, and even churches. In fact, that is how I first came across Alain Burrese’s book. The church I attended wanted to have a safety training because of a church shooting in 2018 that came after three church shootings in 2017.  It’s now 2022 and there are mass shootings almost every day (Resource:!

There are relevant stories, maneuver illustrations, photos, and step-by-step instructions to aid you if you find yourself in a mass shooting situation. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite chapter because all twelve chapters have valuable information that I find myself referring back to. But if I had to pick a favorite chapter it would be Escape To Safety. I was surprised it was so interesting, how much advice can one give on running away – other than keeping your head down. There is so much more to it! This chapter teaches you how “Movement Saves Lives” and that it only takes “34 seconds to kill everyone in a room when no one is moving“. Readers learned about cover vs concealment, leapfrog and crawling maneuvers, slicing the pie, identifying the kill zone, improvising a ballistic shield, and other safety tactics to improve the chances of safely fleeing from an active shooting situation. The Survive a Shooting book is an easy read, well researched, and organized exceptionally well.

Alain is a talented educator! There are some books that are so insightful that they expand your awareness. This is one of those books. I read this book over fifteen months ago and I still think about the strategies and principles he teaches. Learning these strategies can help keep you, your family, friends, and colleagues stay out of the line of fire.

About the Author

Alain Burrese is a certified Active Shooter Response instructor. He is a former paratrooper, US Army sniper, sniper trainer, and an attorney. After retiring from the army, Alain lived and trained in Korea and Japan where he achieved a 5th-degree black belt in Korean martial art that emphasizes self-defense. As a leading expert on this topic, his advice has been sought after by radio talk shows, a PBS documentary, and the American Survival GuideHe is the author of 9 books and 11 instructional DVDs and teaches a common-sense approach to staying safe and defending yourself through his Survive A Shooting and Survive And Defend programs. Alain has created an Active Shooter Preparedness Quiz you can take to assess your knowledge on the subject and see which areas you could be better educated on.


I give Survive A Shooting 5 stars! Every preparedness-minded individual should add this book to their resource library. Mass shootings can happen anywhere! They’ve happened in Walmart, on the interstate, block parties, a yoga studio, bars, concerts, movie theaters, restaurants, factories, libraries, hospitals, and many more relatively safe places. The book was written to increase your chances of survivability. The core message of this book is to empower people on how not to become victims in case of such a terrible event. People empowered with this fact can form a plan and safely enjoy life. As a prepper, it’s important to me to know techniques that will give me my best chance of survival in any situation. Alain Burrese has done a thorough job of educating the reader and supplied actionable methods to increase the odds of survival.

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Survive a Shooting By Alain Burrese

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